Primordial Sound Meditation
Priscilla Ramirez

Priscilla Ramirez's Biography

"Keep a green tree in your heart and the singing bird will come." - Liu

Priscilla Ramirez is an award winning educator. She has been in the field of teaching mathematics and computer science for thirty three years. Since she was first introduced to Kundalini Yoga over thirty years ago Priscilla has continually sought to explore the highest levels of the mind/body connection. She has been practicing Primordial Sound Meditation for twelve years.

Her desire to integrate her gift to teach with her passion to share meditation with others prompted her to become a meditation instructor. She was trained and certified by Deepak Chopra, M.D. Priscilla has completed numerous educational programs of Dr. Chopra, including Training in Ayurveda Mind/Body Healing and Advanced Sutra Meditation Techniques. She is prepared to help individuals balance the demands of life with personal and family needs through the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation.